December 03, 2011

Sugar Rush !

Nothing better than a hearty breakfast at weekends, newly introduced dishes at Cocoa Room are simply the perfect happy ending for a meal !

First we went with the nutella french toast, which was outta this world !
The brioche was soft, buttery and burst with nutella upon the first cut & the dish looks like a divine piece of art !
Don't deny you're not drooling by now?

What complimented this dish was a scoop of ice cream which after taking few bites I gave up trying to discover its flavour and asked the waiter which he declared it's home made maple syrup malt ice cream with finely grated almonds sprinkled on top, pure deliciousness !

Another dish which was reccommended by the waiter was white chocolate & raspberry pancakes.
Looks quite nice but taste wise was average, I felt it was mising something perhaps steaming  hot white chocolate sauce or even freshly pureed raspberry sauce might give it an oomph !

All in all, I had a good time & Cocoa Room never fails satisfying me with a delicious breakfast each time !

Cocoa Room
Tel: 22465049


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