December 19, 2011

The Muppets: Life's a Happy Song !

" Everything is great everything is grand
I got the whole wide world in the palm of my hand
Everything is perfect its falling into place
I cant seem to wipe this smile off my face
Life’s a happy song when theres someone by my side to sing along"

My perfect weekend starts with Thursday gathering avec the family, aside from this what I look forward to the most is going to movies !
I can't contain my excitement if theres a new movie or maybe two I wouldn't mind attending them in tow followed by a nice dinner with my friends ofcourse ! Spare me the depressing talk plz, that Kuwait's theatres are worthless, the same old boring talk about the movie choices and blah blah blah !
For me the little things that counts, nothing beats attending a movie with my friends and enjoying a meal afterwards..
Attended "The Muppets" this weekend , growing up with those awesome fella's as my childhood memories Kirmet the frog and Miss Piggy I was over the rainbow to be more exact !

I thought I'd share some pictures from my visit to Universal Studio's last year and The Muppets theatre, I would have loved to share more but most of my pictures are rather personal !

It was an amazing experience, the movie was outta this world I felt like dancing the whole time musicals have this affect on me <3
and C'mon Miss Piggy an editor in Vogue, Paris ! For plus size fashion, OMG ! and Btw she was rocking a Chanel number I'm quite envious with !

Which brought back this particular pair of tennis shoes I got during college days, featuring Miss Piggy !
I'm a sucker I know and I think dear Her owns a matching one too !
Who could say No to such cuteness ?


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