November 28, 2011

Bloggers Who Cook !

Cooking isn't my forte', decided to give it a rest  a year ago even though I enjoyed it a lot but I enjoy eating more so I guess it's  the thought that counts, right? Aside from the occasional desserts or simple sandwiches and that's it!

However, I couldn't refuse a cooking class at Chef Boutique along with fellow bloggers, italian night was the theme co-ordinated by the lovely Basma from 13 cups.

Greeted by the owners Olga & Victor along with Chef Ismail and fellow bloggers, we were set to preview the recipes which was Eggplant & goat cheese salad and creamy chicken and mushroom pesto penne !

Overall the whole place was neat, the cooking stations was perfect for teaching purposes everything was layed out and clear , the recipes was infront of each blogger in specific instructions and how to follow each step.

We started of with the eggplant and goat cheese salad, salting the veggies and making pesto from scratch which was soo tasty and very easy .

Doesn't look like a piece of art? its equally tasty as well and could be a meal by itself
I so wanna do it soon once again, but this time won't resort to buying ready made pesto from Marks & Spencer.

Moving on to the next course, after polishing off the salad to make the creamy pesto pasta equally easy as well . And my pasta was super bright green, well I'm not objecting no one sez no to lil' bit of colour right? :P

& Voila ?

Let's dig in shall we? I managed to eat half of it before feeling extremely full, but I know my sister would be happy to have the recipe since pasta seems to be her thing !
And ofcourse, what's a perfect meal without a happy ending?

Courtsey of Empress, Basma treated us to Marquesa cake flour-less chocolate cake which requires 24 hours of preparing!
Super moist and super chocolatey, even if you're full to the brim who woud say know  to desserts?

I almost took a bite while I was slicing the cake for the others, its soo tempting and I can't help it infront of chocolate?

Want  a bite?

All in all, thanks Olga, Victor, Chef Ismail & Basma for planning this I really enjoyed my time.
Far related from fashion, but who says no to cooking with style? I know I don't !
Very nice experience, the place is very welcoming to enjoy it as couples or for females only as a birthday party or for a bridal shower to kill the routine !

Good meeting my fellow bloggers once again as well, and to my readers if anyone is interested in the recipe I'd be more than happy to share just send me an e-mail  !

Chef Boutique


  1. okay so i'm expecting a 3azeema soon and food by LadyB! yes?:D

  2. yum!! the pesto penne looks SO good!

  3. Toomzie:
    If it means steering you away from junk food, I'd say YES ! :p


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