September 07, 2011

Man in Style !

A man that looks effortlessly chick, leaves me breathless !
Well in company of other features ofcourse but I really admire a man who knows how to dress nicely and considers what fits his body type, skin color & our Kuwaiti unforgiving scrutiny !
I had enough of polo shirts and jeans, yeah its casual but can be rather boring :/
Anyways the other day I was browsing and stumpled upon a dude from Florence called Salvatore who looks really neat even though everything he wears is Zara !
Nonetheless, its not about the brand its about the way he wear it !

Guys now it's your turn, Do you see yourself stepping outta your comfort zone and wearing something a tad different?
would  you try to modify your personal style?
What kinda outfits makes you comfortable?



  1. ok i'll be the first to comment ... i love men's fashion but i don't see myself wearing some of these things no matter my body type ... yes i know .. take the blinders off ... all i can say is baby steps :P

  2. Randy:
    How sweet of you to comment !
    Waiting for your baby step, I like some of the funky tshirts that I saw you wearing :P


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