September 28, 2011

Cameo Obsession

Dearest Aya snapped me those pictures of Cameo Brooches she found at the Apple Market, Covent Garden !
She says the minute she saw them it immediately reminded her of me, isn't she the sweetest?
Yes I confess I love brooches and Cameo brooches in specific , I already own a sinful collection of accessories adorned by Cameo's <3

Check out how delicate and well made it looks, such a timeless piece no?

Which made me remember that I got an enormous stock of mutli colored cameo which I got from London and Etsy few years back, was planning to turn them into bib necklaces and rings but never went around this idea . Maybe its time to actually go ahead and see what comes outta of it ?

Thanx Aya


  1. I love love Cameo, any idea where I can find something similar in Kuwait?

  2. Cameos addict right here! I love them!

  3. Halloum:
    You can find them at the textiles shops "blockat" the ones at the back that usually sells beads, ribbons and pearls show them a picture and they'll guide you :)

  4. Absolutely love the collection & cameos in general (have a few myself)

    Was thinking of ideas for you. Off the top of my head, you can use them for...

    1- Photo album cover (the larger cameos)
    2- Dresser door knobs (Smaller cameos)
    3- Fridge magnets
    4- Brooches
    5- Pretty tin covers (larger cameos)

    So excited to see what you end up with :D Lemme know


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