August 29, 2011

M By Missoni : Bad Experience !

UPDATE: Got one big fat apology from M by Missoni management along with a promise for the garment to be delivered to my doorstep, at 9,30 PM sharp a huge shopping bag was delivered to me !

I delayed my Eid shopping for an outfit until last minute I wasn't asking for much but there's no harm in looking for something special and fancy for this special occasion !
After strolling half of the Avenues I entered M by Missoni as a last resort, perhaps there was something I could find to wear for Eid ! Anyhow I found this kinda cute  blazer then I remembered spotting online that it came with a pair of wide fit pants, I asked the sales person if the pants are available somewhere around the store or perhaps if I can find it at Al-Raya Complex she immediately mentioned that the pants are available with my size at Al-Raya  but I have to wait until futoor to summon a driver to  it and should be available at the Avenues around 8,30 pm  but she'll save me the top and the pants as soon as it gets there this conversation took place at 2,35 pm to be exact !

At 9, 22 I arrived to the Avenues parked right next to the shop and my first stop was Missoni to be surprised that the pants have not arrived and a nasty attitude from the salesperson telling me that I arrived very late in the afternoon which allowed no time for her to call the driver to summon the garment and she didn't even bother calling the driver until the time I arrived ! all of that gibberrish with no apologetic tone and lots yelling infront of the shop customers.
Seeing the situation as it was I just picked up my stuff and left the shop, I could have given her a piece of my  mind before I left but I was  beyond shocked  by this unexpected behaviour !

M by Missoni you lost me as a loyal customer, I'm not planning to set a foot in that shop ever again !
I'm sorry for the elongater complain but I had to get it outta my system otherwise I'd blow up !



  1. That's horrible! The least they could do is apologize! They could've offered to send you the suit your home and ask you to pay for it later to save you the trouble of going to the store.


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