July 04, 2011

Social Media Day 2011

This weekend Omarker, Q8stig and His& Hers invited me to celebrate the  Social Media Day  on the 30th of June of every year a thoughtful idea of gathering the Kuwaiti blogs for the social media day on Thursday 30th of June 2011 at Corniche Club starting at 2pm.

As usual I arrived fashionably late :P , got to meet the lovely bloggerette's & bloggers ofcourse and given  brief speeches by Omar Al-Othman, Mohammed Al-Muhaini, Saud Al-Khateib, Abdulrazaq Al-Mutawa & His from His&Hers.


I'm not gonna say more since lots of blogs said what all there was to say, nontheless it was a very organized and fun meet up.

Thnx everyone who made it happend, thnx to Laduree for the yummy macaroons & Zain for the goody bag !
So how's everyone weekend ? I'm still suffocating  *cries*



  1. You cam in Late :@

    but it was fun having you in the crowd :P

  2. Love your bag! Sorry I missed meeting you and your amazing wardrobe. :D

  3. Awww That really good. You people are lucky .Hope you have had great time over there .Bag is so nice ,by the way .

  4. It's nice to know that they celebrate a social media day. That's really cool.

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