June 19, 2011

Queen of Hearts

 Just came back from a brief weekend trip to Dubai, Had a blast !
Wasn't a planned trip for shopping but more chillaxing and un-winding trip.
Four days in Dubai passed so fast, but gave me the chance to un-wind, clear my mind and plan few priorities !
Sorry for the lack of posting, but I came laden with pics expect more posts yet to come !

Blazer: Zara Men
T-Shirt: Bimba & Lola
Pants: Topshop
Shoes: Melissa
Handbag: Fendi

Note: Dear work I didn't miss you ! at ALL !
Photo courtsey, Thnx Faith


  1. love the outfit...are ur shoes comfortable to wear? I never worn mine ...bs im thinking of taking them with me when i travel...wala not for traveling in?

  2. el7mdellah 3asalama :*

    I love the red blazer, i got one from the men's section in H&M last time :P

  3. Sara D. :
    Yup very comfy !
    I wanna do a post with all the melissa's I own :P

  4. Swera:
    Men section at Zara & H&M is soo gaay ! :P
    allah ysalmej

  5. Those Melissa shoes are adorable.


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