June 14, 2011

Just My Fortune

I managed to pay Fortune Cookie Boutique a visit to get my Ibrah fix , the store interior is so funky !
I was all over the place snapping pics and checking the amazing variety of stuff on display, footwear, accessories , apparel, unique products and the quircky interior design !

Those plates were adorning the walls, check out the snake in the below picture wrapped around the pole.

The same plates with different shapes and sizes all over the corner, pretty cool eh?

The counter top tiles.

Funky pins, would be a perfect gift for a person who collects them !

                                               Check out the design on top of the racks !

                                                         Manish Arora dresses and tops

                                                                    Sequined bags

Trying to decide which one to get , Noor's trying on one of Ibrah Garden Collection Necklaces.

The funky bags, and finally my purchases

                                                                Bib Necklace by Ibrah

Garden collection necklace, I wanted one with turqouise flowers but it was sold out so I settled for this.
Ibrah just tweeted about making more of the wings brooches, loved the Royale Blue one might purchase one more !

Fortune Cookie Boutique


  1. Awal shay 3alich bel 3afya , i fall iin love with the red necklace u bought I'm going to make order or there is more ?

  2. Great post, and Where is this shop?


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