June 24, 2011

An Acknowledgment

My dear fellow bloggers, silent readers, followers & commenters. I LadyB the owner of LadyB Wonderland would like to clarify that using my personal pictures for personal or commercial purposes, wether it's my personal outfit pictures or my daily posts without a written permission and agreement from myself is highly un acceptable and prohibited,if some people think it's ok to crop my signature and neglecting referring to me, then God be my witness that I'll take severe law measures and pursue this matter by all means of law !

Impestonating my image and pretending to be me on twitter & facebook is something highly un acceptable, and I'll make sure to expose the person behind these unspoken acts. Thnx to a dear friend who highlighted this to me, or I might have been un aware of this until now.

It sure flatters me that the person admires my personal style, and the support shown by my blog buddies regarding this matter and diagnosing low self esteem as the reason for such actions.
Thank you all, and I hope you have a nice weekend

                                                                          Yours, LadyB



  1. I'm sorry you have to go through this, I don't know when ppl realise it's not okay to take other ppls photos and post them as their own.

  2. oh my that's really rude,sorry about what happened to ya

  3. How could ppl do that ?? ambeeeeh

  4. It's quite hard to trace an IP, I don't know about the protection as regard to cyber law in your country. Good luck tracing this 'cyber criminals'

  5. Oh my!! I would seriously say 80% or more of the girls on Facebook or twitter don't use their own pictures. Which is sad. If they don't want their own pictures up then why use other people's pictures!!! This seriously frustrates me!
    But way to go LadyB! I'd take the same actions if I were you! :)

  6. mako internet manners in Q8 !
    imagine the other day a blogger posted a review with pictures . My face was one of the pictures i didn't even know anybody was taking pictures ! i was eating minding my own business & few days later my friend call's me telling me my picture is on the blog ! she should have blurred my face or cropped it.. u can't publish anything without permission ! bs again shetgoleen nas ma ey3arfoon adaaab el internet !

  7. what the hell?! allah y3eenech wallah!

    contact that person n ask her to remove ur pic or else you'll contact the law instead!

    qellat adab e9ara7a :/

  8. Oh god !! Sorry for this my dear !!

  9. I went through this, a blogger copied my article and posted it on his blog as his !! Really disgusting !!

  10. never let them get away with it


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