May 16, 2011

Lunch Hour

Finally got the chance to try Elevation Burger, the place was PACKED!
However I managed to enjoy the burger, the batty was so light and fresh I added lettuce & mustard . The bread bun was soft, as for the fries it was very light didn't expect it to be like this at all.
It really hitted the spot filling my burger cravings, gotta go back sometime soon !

Avenues, Phase II


  1. can't wait to try it!
    hunny w 3afya :)

  2. ma 3ndhum veggie burgers chna :/ I hate how burger joints exclude the vegetarians lol bl3afya :*

  3. really loved it .. 7adda yummy and lite .. 3aleech bl 3afya ;*

  4. bel 3afya ,, sej sej latheeeth o chenna kent nafs el wagt elly kentay mawojoda feeh ;)

  5. went again today ... the place was PACKED!! they are doing a great job. as I was waiting for my wife I ran into Elevation's Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Turaiji in the mall ... he's one helluva guy ... very personable. But even more awesome is the food ... MIGHT try the Veggie burger next time ... MAYBE :)


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