April 26, 2011

Viva Bites the Apple

Last night I was invited to Viva "Social Networking" event at Chocolate & Macaroon POP,  greeted by the organizer then evening began with a brief  from Viva CEO  Mr. Salman Al-Badran  welcoming the attendee's  & declaring a major announcement of  Viva  accomlishment in collaboration with Apple , to be the first telecom company in Kuwait sponsoring  I-Phone 4.

Iphone brochures were given out to browse and check out the packages to be provided by Viva soon, highlighting that the setting are already installed on the phones with full technical support.

Big thanx to May Al-Subaei for the invitation and to the organizer the event was the huge success and thnx Viva for your generous giveaway !
Can't wait for Topshop Vip Preview night !


1 comment

  1. I like the title you came up with for this post :D


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