April 06, 2011

Kuwait International Film Retreat

The lovely people at Zain sent me Exclusive invitations to Kuwait International Film Retreat, film festival where they will have  have a red carpet and celebrities.
I must say, I really loved the invitation package very original, displaying a film roll ! quite neat eh?

Kuwait Young Film Contest will be under the umbrella of the Film Retreat. This means that all the participants of the Kuwait Young Film Contest will have a chance to shine during the Film Retreat.
The Kuwait Film Retreat will make the impact required for an event that will be recognized worldwide keeping the 3 days event up and running 24/7.

Location will be Hilton Al-Mangaf and the Al-Kout Mall Cinemas. Workshops, Red Carpet Events, and Film Premieres will take place at the Hilton Resort in Mangaf.
The event will take place on April 6, 7, and 8, 2011.

There will also be three workshops : 
  •    Film Production and Getting your film on the screenPresented by Gabriel Khoury and Hisham Al-Ghanim
  •  Screenwriting and Story DevelopementPresented by Mohamed Hefzy
  •   Digital CinemaPresented by Aziz Al-Jasmi and Omar Al-Masab
Films Showing at Al-Kout Cinemas:
  • Son of Babylon - Never Let Me Go - Limitless - Source Code - The Aquarium (Genanat Al Asmak)
Films Showing at Hilton Mangaf VIP tent:
  • Microphone - Made in Dagenham - The Father and the Foreigner (Il Padre e lo Straniero)

For exact timings, please refer to the Schedule of Events in the Website

Now the big question what to wear ? I'm between BCBG Runway Gown or a vintage blazer ?

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