April 17, 2011


As I mentioned earlier I was invited to Froobie private tasting session @ 52 Degrees, the whole place was illuminated with red lights, music buzzing and it was quite packed.

I think I went high on frozen yougurt and a couple shots of yougurt smoothies .
Delicious nevetheless~ !

Last but not least we were introduced with Icy Burger, the bun made of two slices of cake and the middle part was swirled with fro yo , Had a very cheese cakey texture.
Would try it again to give it a better taste !

Again I was honoured to meet the lovely owner, an old school friend & ofcourse her !
Thnx alot for the invitation, expecting yet more to come <3

52 Degrees - Al-Tilal


1 comment

  1. I didn't go to 52 , I mist pass by this week and try one of the restaurants or cafe


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