March 03, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Aye Aye Sir

I loved this blazer the moment I laid my eyes on it, I've grown quite fond of stripes lately and this jacket is light material but can be layered according to the weather or worn in summer opened with high waisted pants perhaps? The blazer also had boring black buttons but I removed them and sewed this golden one instead !
After snapping these photo's decided to wear skinny jeans instead it looked way better !
What do you think?

Blazer: Asos
Jeans: Deisel
Scarf: Vintage:
Brooche: Handmade
Boots: H&M
Handbag: Louis Vuitton Speedy



  1. Love the brooche do you have more detels about it ?

    and nice look keep it going

  2. Loooooooooved the blazer :)

  3. ma sha Allah 3alaich
    i L <3 V E ur style
    i always want to post a comment but my computer in work is stupid !

  4. Have I ever told you I am in love with your style?. It is so modern, trendy, and fresh.

  5. i want to ask when you order from asos do you order directly to kuwait or through aramex ?

  6. Zainab :
    Thnx, you didn't reply my email though ;/

  7. Dodo:
    My sister makes them, glad you liked it ;)

  8. Socomoco:
    Thnx sweety, its urs if you ever wanna borrow it !

  9. Sn3a & Royalty:
    Thnx alot for your lovely comments you sure drew a smile on my face ;)

  10. Anonymous:
    Through aramex, I used to order it through regular mail but once my order got lost so never did it again however the shipping coast can be ridiculously expensive :/

  11. Wow, it's beautiful! Ever since I put hijab I can never find clothes to look nice on me- i like this look - im going to try it! Thanks for sharing honey :*

  12. Babble:
    I'd be glad to help if you need any ;)
    thnc for your compliment !

  13. I loooove stripes! Great outfit :)


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