February 07, 2011

Choowy Goowy @ 52Degrees

Last week I managed to pay Choowy Goowy Restaurant at 52 Degrees, Being a big fan of their infamous cookies I couldn't wait to try other creations they had.
Our order was, Crispy Salad, Potato Volcano, Pink Pasta, Burger & Creme Brulee.
My verdict was considering it's only soft launch and they are still experimenting with the menu, lots of the dishes needs a little bit more work . The salad needs more yougurty dressing to highlight that taste, the Volcano was fine but might need a little bit of citrus, the pasta was a bit overcooked.
But the highlight of the evenning was the Burger and Certainly the Creme Brulee really managed to hit the spot !
The lovely ownder Mr.Essa and His wife were doing wonderful job waitressing and took our inputs and notes with very high consideration. The restaurant is temporarily closed for the time being, for them to study the notes and remarks to open fully next week. I'm certainly welling to give it another try later sometime soon.

Best of Luck Choowy Goowy !


  1. بالعافيه يارب..

    توني ادري انه مطعم حسبالي حتى بالمعرض بس كوكيز :)

    يبيله اجربه..


  2. heard the burger is the bomb ... can't wait to try it out ... one Saturday :S

  3. Bl3afya

    Shkla yshaweg :P

    li tjrba 3nda enshallah

    y36eech el3afya

  4. Just a thought, the name choowy goowy does not reflect the style of food they seem to be serving, I understand that they are branching out from their cookie business, but still ...the dishes look good though :) Good luck to them!

  5. i actually liked their pasta :D and you should try the ultimate cookie dough. ITS THE BEST!

  6. how could u miss the ultimate choowey goowey?! that was a HUGE mistake!! ;p
    i tried their 2 salads, potato volcano and the dessert i mentioned above.. the crispy salad was ok.. the goat cheese salad was amazing!
    the potato volcano was average something was missing.. bs the cookie.. i've been craving it every single day since i last went there..

  7. Randy:
    Can't wait for your review, one saturday though :P

  8. inspirationsbysd:
    Well, chocolate bar serves food beside the savoury deserts, and ppl rave about their food!
    Good move from Choowy Goowy side ;)

  9. Journal Entry:
    The goat cheese salad and the cookie dough are on my list for next time ;)

  10. u killed me with this post! i cant wait to try the place:))


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