Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadhan Offers

 For the first time ever, Lenôtre will open for Futoor this year . The exquisite iftar menu will be available for the guest at KD13 per person from Iftar to suhoor time an assortment of salads, soups, platters, desserts, and drinks made specially for this holy month

Le Boutique is also going to present new items for Lenôtre's guest during Ramadan . Ice cream in Rose and/or Rahash flavors, Cheese Kunafa, Chocolate Rice Pudding, Layali Ramadan, and Marble Cheesecake Cream of Sesame

And the last but not the least is Lenôtre's Ramadan catering lists of menus. We are ready to prepare your Ramadan Iftar/Ghabga/Suhoor buffets anywhere in Kuwait

Hotel Missoni Announces the official openning,The restaurant’s menu takes it inspiration from light Mediterranean dishes fused with traditional Arabic cuisine. With its distinctive flavours, comfortable seating and the striking effects of light and dark, Luna is the perfect place to get together for an evening with friends.

Each of the food and beverage outlets feature the signature Missoni bursts of colour and striking patterns, each expertly thought out to create individual atmospheres and effects.
 The restaurant’s menu takes it inspiration from light Mediterranean dishes fused with traditional Arabic cuisine. With its distinctive flavours, comfortable seating and the striking effects of light and dark, Luna is the perfect place to get together for an evening with friends.

Offering a varied Menu from  Luna during Ramadan @ 19 KD per person with a selection of cold and hot Mezzah, salads, sushi station, main courses & desserts

Flower Power

Fancy a cuppa at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf?
Its my favourite cafe' since college days to spend my break sipping their delicious latte's & ice blendid drinks.
The atmosphere is cozy and friendly, college kids splattered at every corner chillaxing or finishing a homework.

Just a casual outfit, sipping my cuppa before running to finish endless errands.

Flowery Top: Johny Was
Blouse: H&M
Jeans: 7 for all mankind
Bracelet: Random purchase
Handbag: Bettina Vicini

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Farewell ..

To Harry Potter, it's been an amazing series of movies that sure kept us on our toes !
I felt like crying watching the last movie, anyone felt the same?
I thought I'd share some of the pictures I took from my last visit to Orlando Florida, the "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter "

Welcome to Hogsmede !

Many sweet lil' shops, the infamous Honeydukes of course selling assortments of candy bars and sweets.

Funky looking chocolates !

Pretzels coated with yougurt !

The "Owl Post" Selling a variety of Harry Potter theme garments and ofcrouse an actual size broom stick just in case you fancy a fly outta hogmede, that's Colin by the way posing with the broom ! hehe

All kinds of magic sticks you pick one depending on date of birth mine was Hermoine Grainger !
I got one for joy !

Cute lil' note book featuring Hogwarts uniform !

And ofcourse the wanted billboard !
And the best for last, Hogwarts Castle !

You enter the castle and take a tour around the place, you get the feel of the movie as everything looks surreal !
Walking along the corridors of Hogwarts and Dumbldore chamber the end of the tour you take  " The Forbidden Journey" a 3D ride in Hogwarts I got gooebumps all throughout the ride but I loved !

It's beyond an enchanted journey, if you're a no. 1 fan of Harry Potter then I highly advice you to visit the place sometime soon !
I truly felt like a child in a candy store, absorbing and gasping at every detail !
And guess what ? they even serve Butter Beer *non-alchoholic* a sweet chilled drink !
Farewell Harry Potter !

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Universal Studio's
Orlando, Florida

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Over the Luna

This weekend, I had an invitation to try dinner at Luna restaurant / Hotel Missoni Kuwait which is a mediterranean  restaurant located at the 18th of the hotel.

Greeted by the lovely team, snapped pictures here and there then found our table, 3 diferrent menus to choose from , Tapas, the main menu, drinks & last the desserts.

         The lounge area

Private seating area , loved it and the scenery is breathtaking !

Complimentary crisps and sugar coated nuts slight spiked with chili , very yummy !

Bread basket and complimentary tomatoe paste dip, I liked the olive bread the most but didn't wanna eat more to leave more soace for the other dishes.

Drinks : Mora Julep : berries, lime, mint & gingerale very tasty
Giardino: Aromatizzato : Pomegranate, cinammon, gingerale, sweet almond & fresh lemon it wasn't my cuppa very weird taste and had a foamy soapy taste to it but the first one was pretty good !

Moving on to Tapas:

Grilled tiger prawns, the sauce was outta this world and it was presented on a bed of diced tomatoes soo fresh and soo yummy !

As recommended by our lovely waiter, Sweet & Sour quail lollipops very tasty and different a dish my mom would highly appreciate !

Spicy fried potatoes with garlic green chili & coriander very simple yet very tasty !

Caramelized chicken livers, soo good the livers were big, full of flavour and  I couldn't stop eating this dish !

For main course we shared Slow Cooked lamb with truffled mashed potatoes & dry fruit relish the meat was cooked to perfection I couldn't stop eating I loved itttt! But if I'm to order it next time minus the dry fruit I'm not a big fan of raisins at all !

And the happy ending is the  chocolate lava cake, hot hazelnut & dates its really good but needs a lil' bit more chocolate , don't worry it got polished off in no time ! Hehe

  Check out this cool sparkling water bottle, very funky !
 & Finally my outfit :

I wore a missoni top with matching scarf, Topshop blazer & jeans.

Fun night out , thnx Eshda3wa for joining and Nikki Luna Manager for the lovely invite and not to forget Luna team they did a wonderful job.
I'm still daydreaming about the slow cooked lamb, so thats my going back ticket !

Hotel Missoni
Symphony Building, Arabian Gulf Street
Tel: 255770000

Monday, July 25, 2011

Food for Thought

Chris & Emily, two teenagers who became inseperable since birth both seal a suicide pact , suddenly things get outta hands and Chris gets charged for murdering and discovers her pregnancy who she manages to hide from her family and Chris.
Breathtaking and full of suspence story, I was in between not believing that Chris shot Emily but later I became in doubt that he must have killed her .
The grief of her family, the shock of her boyfriend and how teenage love can get so complicated.
Among all Jodi Picoult books, by far it's the best book !

Pack a Bag

A fellow blogger " Just Noonstarted “Pack a Bag” campaign is a campaign with no rules, its not based on an organization nor a group, you don’t have to stick with a certain organization, all you have to do is pack an old bag that you don’t need anymore and pack it with clothes, shoes, accessories, toys and whatever you think is suitable for donating and send it to whoever you think needs it the most. Your maid, tea boy, cleaning lady at work, poor people around you like a neighbour maybe, you can send them to africa or refugee camps.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, which country your from, there’s no rules or restrictions to this campaign, so whoever you think needs it the most, just donate it.
this campaign starts from kuwait and hopefully will reach the rest of the world,  calling all bloggers, readers and “Charity Enthusiasts” to help spread the word.

So come on, hurry up and pack your bag !

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Recent Purchase

I spend endless hours in my bathtub, so I'm in a constant lookout for good bubble bath products.
My preference would be something very foamy , smells nice & moistrising !
Suprisingly this products has a sweet  coconuty smell, one capfull produces massive bubbles and leaves my skin extra soft having shea butter among its ingeredients.

 By Bath & Body Works
Avenues Mall  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weekly Sugar OD

This week it was a very humble crowd only me, mom, sis , sis husband, and cousin attended the weekely gathering and it no one bothered with sweets so I picked up berries from Dean & Deluca before heading home and we go some Breyers Low fat icecream in the freezer so, Voila !

Summery Dessert in less than 5 minutes !

I scooped myself a bit in the tea cup , so what ? hehe
Have a wonderful weekend everyone !

What You See is What You Definetly Get !

Casa Spa brings the day spa into the comfort of your home, filling it with Ramadhan Spirit .
Manicure, Pedicure & Henna Tattoo for adults and lil' girls.

Tel: 66889233

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fringed !

An un expected outing for lunch at Shake Shack avec Faith, followed by a light shopping spree around the avenues. And guess what ? I didn't buy a thing

 I loved this necklace the minute I saw it, the peacock feather can be detached and turned into a brooche while the two other gyms turns into bracelets.

 Can you see? I finally got the YSL Arty ring

*Yipee *

Fringed Vest: Vintage
Top: River Island
Jeans: Massimo Dutti
Necklace: BCBG Max Azria
Ring : YSL
Shoes: Karen Millen
Handbag: Mulberry

Thnx Faith

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lunch Hour

 (First picture taken from MeBlogging )

Rocca  & Pasta Salad
I loved the rocca finished it all by myself, the pasta salad I honestly can't say I only took one bite and I don't know why the employee reheated the salad , but my friend enjoyed it nonetheless.

Pepperoni Pizza wrap & Mushroom Panini
I loved the pizza but it had way too much pepperoni if it was a lil' less would taste wonderful or even without pepperoni it wouldn't harm but the mushroom panini really lacked taste and flavour not sumthing to remember , me and my friend each shared a half I only took two bites !

2291- 3333

PS. I Made This

The infamous DIY blog, now a book !
Found it at Kinkouniya Dubai, and got it right away very interesting idea's and very clear description for each step of the making ~!

The book starts with four pages spread of aiding tools every DIY project would need, the pictures are very simple and clear  !

With accompanying pictures of each inspiration Erica liked and then made to her own !

Some of the DIY projects illustrated in the book ! Necklace made of tights, clutches made of sunglasses cases & cupcake cups brooches

Funky earings made of bottle caps.

Tank top adorned with ruffled coffee filtres

Bling blingy shoes, very easy to do and so funky I got plain platforms planning to get some work done on them quite soon  !

Ps.I Made This

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